The Nonprofit Impact Pledge

From NDL to the People and Communities We Serve

To our communities and all those who benefit from the work of nonprofits in America:

Our country is at a turning point, and so is the nonprofit sector. The disparate economic and social fallout from COVID-19 and the widespread reckoning with racial justice have put a spotlight on many long-standing problems with philanthropy and with the way nonprofits work. We cannot avoid these problems any longer, nor do we wish for things to return “to normal.” Our old way of existence, and many of our sector’s past practices for collaborating with funders, donors, and our communities (while often well-intentioned), is broken.

Instead, we wish to create a new future for the nonprofit sector, for the good of all. As our country starts down the long road toward recovery from a tumultuous 2020, demand for our services continues to grow, resources continue to shrink, and outmoded systems and ways of thinking seem determined to keep our impact small. It has never been more challenging to run and sustain an effective nonprofit organization, but it has also never been more important, and we will rise up in the face of these challenges. 

That is why we take this pledge and double down on these 10 commitments to you, the people, and the communities we serve. We also ask our donors, funders, and those who support the sector to make a similar set of commitments to us.

Together, we can create a better future for our sector, and for the good of all.

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