Here at Neuro Diverse Living, we’ve worked hard to find brainstorm ideas, to face the challenges that adults with autism or IDDs deal with on a daily basis, and to come up with real, actionable, viable solutions that provide a better living alternative for the millions of Americans who are currently living with autism or another intellectual disability.

In our last article, we talked about the various challenges that this community is currently facing. In addition, we took a look at the ways in which government across federal, state, and local levels have failed to implement the solutions needed to provide this population with adequate living accommodations to uphold a sound quality of life.

Thanks to Neuro Diverse Living, our members, and our partners, we’re bringing forth and changing the narrative around a new era for IDD living. With real solutions and a real vision, we’re proud to share our plans with you, so that parents from all around the United States can take action and plan for the future care of their children.

Who We Are

Neuro Diverse Living provides an opportunity for adults with autism or neurodiversity to thrive and live in a life of fulfillment by delivering an exceptional sense of home and connection through thoughtfully designed smart home communities.

For far too long, these challenges have gone unmet, and we’re proud to provide private pay neurodiverse smart home-enabled communities that allow our residents to live their lives independently or with professional caregivers who can help them manage their day to day lives, when their parents aren’t able to be there. It’s our duty and our passion to help our residents hold down useful jobs, lead meaningful lives, and live their lives to the absolute fullest in a comfortable and vibrant community specifically designed to cater to their needs.

Through safe and sustainable housing options designed to address the economic constraints of those with autism and IDD, along with supporting our residents in their daily living requirements through personalized care and attention, we’re striving to bring the future of neurodiverse living to our residents today.

And every step of the way, we proudly provide and share the insight, knowledge, and plans that we’ve personally put into place for our own son. You see, for us – this is personal.

Our Story

As parents of a 26-year old autistic son who will never be able to live his life independently, we knew that we needed to act to not only sleep well at night knowing that our son will be able to live when we’re long gone – but we knew that we needed to find a solution for the millions of people out there who are just like our son, Michael.

We’re here to change the narrative around the housing situation for adults with autism. We want to paint a new picture for what the future of neurodiverse living can be. And lastly, we’re here to make a real difference. Continue reading this series to learn all about what we have planned.

The Neuro Diverse Living Difference

At Neuro Diverse Living, we believe that this is a problem worth solving. That’s why we’re throwing everything we have at this problem until we’re able to finalize a viable living solution for the increasing number of adults with autism. Through our new model of safe and sustainable smart-home enabled personal care homes, we believe that we can meet this challenge head-on. If you’re interested in learning more about what we have planned, continue reading this series.

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