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As parents of a grown son with autism, who will inevitably outlive us and will never be able to live entirely independently, our personal mission and business vision connect in a meaningful way. We believe that it is our responsibility to accelerate the development of safe and sustainable housing for adults with autism and other intellectual developmental disabilities. As 80% or more of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed, our plan will also incorporate job opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum as well as for those with other intellectual developmental disabilities.

We can no longer wait for the government or others to provide a viable and sustainable solution for our son or the thousands of other families facing this pervasive problem. We’ve been there and continue to face this issue with our absolute resolve and diligent commitment to helping as many families as possible. We bring to our business a tremendous passion for success and an immense desire to make a difference, all fueled by the extraordinary joy and love we have for, and receive, from this amazing young man. Michael is but one of 500,000 “children” with autism aging into adulthood over the next decade, with 87% living in the family home and 35% requiring 24-hour support.

What will happen when their parents are no longer there? Our mission is to tackle the challenges’ autistic adults and their families face by providing an environment that allows those like Michael to live as independently as possible, hold down useful jobs, be connected in their communities, and have the opportunity to live full and meaningful lives. Autism truly changes everything.

— Nancy & Jim Richardson

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