Our Impact

A Problem Worth Solving

According to the US GAO, 500,000 Youth With Autism Will Enter Adulthood by 2025, and concluded that current service systems in the United States are not adequate to address the needs of this emerging population. With 87% living in the family home and 35% requiring 24-hour support, what will happen when their parents are no longer there? Autism changes everything.

THE IDD/SN Housing Problem:

  • The IDD/SN (intellectual Developmentally Disabled/ Special Needs Population is growing, as evidenced by the PA Autism Census
  • Approximately 6.5M people in the United States(~3% of the total population have an intellectual disability (IDD)
    Every year in the US, the population of adults with Autism grows by 50k
  • Governments are not providing housing solutions (Only Services)
  • Existing IDD/SN housing projects require initial fundraising of $10-$15-M
  • Once built, they require $800k-$1.2M annually to operate
  • Average rent can easily exceed $3,500/month

Conceptual Renderings

Our projects will be designed as neuro-diverse living communities, utilizing a co-housing model where appropriate. The autism-specific design of our housing community will be research-based and will feature safety and security, including 24/7 supervision, and a state-of-the-art smart-home technology platform to enhance safety and further resident independence.