Ah, summer! The wonderful childhood memories summer brings back for me - going to the community pool, being able to play hide and seek outside with my neighborhood friends until long after the streetlights came on.  Outdoor sleepovers where we told ghost stories and toasted marshmallows and wandered the neighborhood once my friend’s parents fell asleep! The marathon barbie sessions with my friends where we dragged all our barbie stuff outside to each other’s house - and the ice-cream truck!!   

I vividly remember the nights when the ice-cream truck made its appearance in our neighborhood and the very special nights we were allowed to buy it! No one in our neighborhood bought it every time the truck came through which, of course, never stopped us from asking our parents every single night if we could buy that day!  We had a good humor truck that came through which was wonderful - my all-time favorite good humor treat - to this day - is the strawberry shortcake bar! Occasionally, I would get the screwball - which came in a plastic cone, and at the bottom of the cone was a gumball - it was like two treats for the price of one!! But my most favorite memory was when the Mr. Softee truck came through - which only happened two or three times a summer.  A Mr. Softee soft serve chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles is my ultimate favorite ice cream treat ever!

As an adult, summer isn’t quite what it used to be - grown-up responsibilities seem to make the magic of summer a little less visible than it was back then.  But it seems like it’s changed for kids too.  I’ve lived in my current neighborhood for about three years now and have never once seen or heard an ice cream truck come through, which is too bad.  But if I ever do hear one, I will be the first outside standing on my corner, waving a dollar bill (well, probably a five-dollar bill now!) and getting an ice cream treat and regaling anyone who is near about my wonderful childhood memories from my neighborhood!

What’s your favorite childhood summer memory?  We’d love to know!! Comment below.