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Neuro Diverse Living

Neuro Diverse Living (NDL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe, supportive, and sustainable living spaces and communities for adults living with Autism or other neurological disorders.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Autism is neither a stigma nor a looming public health crisis. While it appears that the Autism syndrome has increased during recent years, the actual percentage has not risen – only the number of those diagnosed.

Current estimates suggest that over 5.4 million Autistic adults live in the United States, and approximately 87% of them live in their parents’ homes. According to the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), 500,000 Autistic youth will enter adulthood by 2025, and it has become increasingly clear that current service systems in the United States are not prepared to help these unique individuals thrive.

The step toward independence from a parent’s home is critical in any person’s psychological and social development, and we hope to de-stigmatize Autism by providing opportunities for Autistic adults to connect with a wider community and discover ways to become more independent and integrate more fully in society.

Living With Neurodiversity

The alternative is grim. Because of social and communication impairments, many Autistic adults find it difficult to succeed in an in-person job interview. Without a job, they cannot afford housing, and without access to affordable housing and supportive services (or if they outlive their parents), they are at high risk of homelessness. While some Autistic adults are placed in a group home or adult foster care, available accommodations are scarce, and their placement may be many miles away from their hometown.

At NDL, we believe that this is a problem worth solving. Conceived by a couple raising a son diagnosed with the Autism spectrum, NDL hopes to inspire a nationwide replication of insightfully designed homes and communities suitable for Autistic adults.

Rather than stagnating in a life marked by unemployment or under-employment, low participation in post-high school education, limited opportunities for social connection, and/or the susceptibility to co-occurring health conditions, Autistic adults now have the best prospect for a fulfilled life as residents of NDL housing.

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Housing For Adults With Autism

NDL’s housing options are designed with the exceptional flexibility to adapt to specific economic and neurological needs, and we envision that our neuro-diverse communities will flourish on the foundation of practical and sustainable housing options, healthcare services, adaptive employment, supportive systems, and social integration opportunities.

Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and initially serving the Autistic population of south-eastern Pennsylvania, our debut housing and headquarters complex will allow us to triple the number of individuals served in the region by 2030. This will include a memory care center and an advanced medical care unit along with a wide range of comprehensive preventive and social support services designed to address the holistic, lifelong needs of our Autistic residents.

NDL is a carefully developed initiative that is a beacon of hope for the underserved Autistic population!


A world where safe and secure housing, community, and job opportunities for adults with autism and other neurodiversity are as plentiful as they are for all.

Neuro Diverse Living provides an opportunity for adults with autism and neurodiversity to thrive and to live a life of fulfillment by delivering an exceptional sense of home and connection through thoughtfully designed communities.

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